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Back Country Bob's
2053 off-road catalog


All designs created by Ian Healy. Car Wars is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.


These designs are unofficial variants of the Car Wars system. They have neither been approved nor endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. ALL NAMES, TRADEMARKS, AND LOGOS IN THIS SUPPLEMENT ARE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION EITHER GIVEN OR IMPLIED BY THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS.

Your good buddy Back Country Bob spent his last vacation hunting in the Canadian Wilds, and he's returned with a whole batch of vehicle accessories for the discriminating off-roader. Whether your preference is long-distance forays through uncharted wilderness or a weekend excursion to a free range, he's got the solution to your needs!

When you're heading for the Yukon, space is at a premium in your vehicle. Bob is proud to present a solution to supply storage problems - the Universal External Mount. We've obtained these space-age framework designs direct from Great Alaskan Survival and Hunting and now can offer them to you.

Universal External Mount

$50 per half-space capacity, maximum cost $300; 10 lb. per half-space capacity, maximum weight 60 lb.; no spaces; DP: 2

The Universal External Mount is a modular framework that can hold certain accessories, gear, or equipment on the outside of the vehicle. UEMs can be mounted on any armor facing except Under, unless the vehicle has off-road suspension, in which case they can be mounted Under as well. No vehicle may have more than one UEM per armor facing. No actively-used automotive component may be attached to a UEM, although spare parts may be. The UEM may not be armored, although certain items mounted upon it can be. Items (or an empty UEM) mounted externally are targeted like, and take damage like, an EWP.

    The following specific items may be mounted upon a UEM: Spare Tires, Hang Gliders, Mini-Safe, Camouflage Netting, Bulk Ammo Boxes, Portable Shop, Tow Bar, Gas Cans, Spare Batteries, Portable Solar Chargers, Off-Road Lights, Winch, Heavy Duty Winch, Hi-Lift Righting Jack, and any personal equipment.

    Special mounting clasps and waterproof tarp are included with a UEM to allow for hanging deer, moose, elk, or other prey.

The worst thing that can happen when you're out in No-Man's Land is to run out of gas or power. It's always a long walk back, unless you have some backup! Bob is now offering the portable gas cans, batteries and solar panels that Great Alaskan has been stocking for years.

Portable Gas Can

Can Type
1-5 Gallon Economy
1 lb.
1-5 Gallon Heavy Duty
2 lbs.
1-5 Gallon Dueling
5 lbs.

    Portable Gas Cans are fireproof containers that carry a designated amount of gasoline. The cost and weight of the gasoline is not figured into the cost/weight of the can. If a PGC is breached, it leaks like a vehicular gas tank, and loses its fireproofing. 

Examples: an empty 2-gallon economy portable gas can costs $4 and weighs 2 lbs. An empty 4 gallon dueling portable gas can costs $100 and weighs 20 lbs.

Spare Batteries

Battery Capacity
50 Power Units
10 lbs.
100 Power Units
15 lbs.
200 Power Units
20 lbs.
500 Power Units
$120 30 lbs.
1000 Power Units
50 lbs.

Spare Batteries have the capability to partially or fully recharge the power plants of one or more vehicles. They are not fireproof but will retain all Power Units until completely destroyed.

Portable Solar Recharger

$500, 50 lbs., 1 space (cargo only - cannot be installed as vehicular component), 1 DP.

The PSR recharges 10 power units per hour in daytime under clear skies (half that under cloudy skies). Multiple PSRs may be sequenced together for increased power generation.

Now that you've outfitted your vehicle with UEMs and stocked them up, don't forget to armor your gear. Nothing's worse than needing a spare tire or a refill of your tank and discovering that your supplies are all shot up! Protect your gear with Back Country Bob's External Component Armor today!

External Component Armor

$10 per space per point of armor; 4 lbs. per space per point of armor, maximum armor weight 40 lbs.; ½ space, may only be hung on a UEM

External Component Armor protects anything mounted on a UEM. It does not have to cover an entire UEM (it can protect some components while leaving others exposed). It does not have to match the armor type of the vehicle, but can be modified with any normal armor modifications. The armor protects items within from theft and can be locked with a padlock ($5) or electronic lock ($100).

Bob likes rock-crawling at midnight. Now you will too with these mini-spots. Neither rain nor snow nor black of night will keep you from seeing the trail with the Off-Road Lights.

Off-Road Lights

$50 per pair (not sold individually), 10 lbs. per pair, ½ space per pair. Must be mounted externally), 1 DP each light.

Off-Road Lights must be mounted upon UEMs or bolted directly to the body of the vehicle - they cannot be mounted internally.  They are fixed and face in one direction only.  They function like a searchlight that is operating under automatic fire rules.

Sometimes, you just get stuck.  It’s times like that you need a winch.  Unfortunately, with most heavy vehicles today a standard winch is not enough.  Bob is pleased to offer a Heavy Duty Winch, with a guaranteed pulling capacity of 8000 lbs.  Even the heaviest pickups can’t bust this powerhouse!

Heavy Duty Winch

$1000, 200 lbs., 1 Space, 1 DP
A Heavy Duty Winch must be mounted to the front or rear of a vehicle only.  It can be mounted internally, and thus is protected by vehicular armor, or externally on a UEM.  Heavy Duty Winches can support up to 8000 lbs.  Otherwise, they function identically to a standard Winch.

It’s a fact of life off the pavement that your car is sometimes going to end up with its wheels pointing the wrong way - as in towards the sky!  It used to require a call to a tow truck and a sizable chunk of pocket money to get your car facing right-side-up again.  Now Back Country Bob has secured rights to sell the Hi-Lift Righting Jack.  This handy tool can lever a car back onto its wheels and get you back on the trail!*
    *Back County Bob assumes no responsibility for vehicles which are undriveable after rolling.

Hi-Lift Righting Jack

$2500, 100 lbs., 1 space, 3 DP

A Hi-Lift Righting Jack is designed to flip a vehicle ninety degrees along its main axis.  A Hi-Lift can move any vehicle up to van-sized.  The jack requires a stable base such as a large rock or hard-packed earth.  Moving a vehicle takes five minutes per side.  Once the jack passes ninety degrees, the vehicle will roll, possibly taking additional damage.  The jack is difficult to use correctly, and will slip on a 6 or less on 2 dice each minute of operation.  This can be reduced to a 3 or less by a successful Mechanic skill roll.  If the jack slips, the vehicle will crash back onto its roof or side, taking 1d of damage to the side of impact.  There is a 50% chance that the jack will be stuck underneath the fallen vehicle.

Heavy Duty Shocks are nice, but they’re not the best thing to have when you’re miles from the pavement.  Bob recommends his proprietary brand of Off-Road Shocks.  With these babies on your wheels, your ride will be so smooth you won’t notice when you leave the road.
Off-Road Shocks

$600 per tire (must be mounted on all tires of a vehicle to be effective), 8 lbs. per tire, no spaces, no DP

Off-Road Shocks reduce all hazards, on- or off-road, by D2.  D0 hazards will not force control rolls.

Sometimes, when you’re out on the open road, raw horsepower can be the difference between life and death.  When you’re in the Badlands, horsepower will just spin your wheels.  To improve your traction and climbing power, Bob recommends the patented Granny Tranny™ Transmission.

Low-Gear Transmission

Same cost as vehicle’s body cost, 150 lbs., 1 space, no DP

The Low-Gear Transmission allows vehicles off-road to safely climb or descend a 60% slope.  The gearing provides enough torque to pull the vehicle up a steep slope (45-60 degrees) at half its normal acceleration (minimum 2.5 mph) and to keep the vehicle from accelerating due to gravity when descending a slope of up to 60 degrees.
    A Low-Gear Transmission allows brief forays onto slopes as steep as 75 degrees, with certain limitations.  A vehicle with a LGT can climb a 75 degree slope no longer than 15 feet (one counter-length).  Speed when climbing this steep a slope is limited to 2.5 mph with no acceleration permitted.  When descending a slope between 60 and 75 degrees, the vehicle will accelerate 5 mph per second until it reaches its top speed or the bottom of the slope, whichever comes first.  Descending this steep of a slope is a constant D5 hazard.
    Low-Gear Transmissions are switchable, so they are not in effect at all times.  Engaging or disengaging the transmission counts as a firing action.  When engaged, a vehicle’s acceleration and top speed are halved.  If a vehicle is traveling over half its top speed and the Low-Gear Transmission is activated, the power plant or engine immediately takes 1d damage (gasoline engines must roll on the Critical Engine Damage table) and the vehicle slows by 10 mph per second until it reaches its “safe” speed.
    When engaged, a Low-Gear Transmission reduces hazards due to slippery surfaces (ice, snow, mud, etc.) by 1.
    Low-Gear Transmissions may be mounted on vehicles with Heavy-Duty Transmissions.  They may not be mounted upon Hovercraft, Oversized Vehicles, or Cycles (they can be mounted on Trikes).


Have you seen those hopped-up station wagons with Off-Road suspension that have never even seen the soft shoulder of the road?  Tell ‘em to go back to the suburbs.  Now, the discriminating off-roaders have multiple choices for the best suspension to fit their needs, thanks to Back Country Bob.

Rock-Crawling Suspension

Cost equal to 500% of body cost (cannot be mounted on vehicles with X-Hvy Chassis or 6-wheeled frames), weight equal to 10% of unmodified body weight, no  spaces, no DP.

Rock-Crawling Suspension is designed specifically for low-speed applications on extremely treacherous and unforgiving terrain.  It allows a great amount of wheel travel (the height that the wheel can raise or lower compared to the body).  This gives the vehicle an off-road HC of 3 at speeds greater than 30 mph, HC 4 at speeds from 15-30 mph, and HC 5 at speeds below 15 mph.  Rock-Crawling Suspension is not safe for road use, and gives an on-road HC of 0, -1 for every full 30 mph of speed.  This is due to the suspension’s looseness and tendency to allow the vehicle to “wander.”
    A vehicle with Rock-Crawling Suspension can climb a 90-degree slope of up to 3.5 feet.
    Rock-Crawling Suspension may only be put on cars or trikes.
Heavy Off-road Suspension

Cost equal to 600% of body cost (cannot be mounted on vehicles with X-Hvy Chassis or 6-wheeled frames), weight equal to 10% of unmodified body weight, no spaces, no DP

Heavy Off-Road Suspension is the tougher version of standard Off-Road suspension.  It provides a base HC of 4 off-road and HC 1 on the road.  Vehicles with Heavy Off-Road suspension can cross standing water up to 5 feet deep.  As they are top-heavy and tend to be unstable, any Crash Table Roll is +1.

Have you got a specialty need for your off-road machine?  Maybe you’re cruising the dunes and beaches and need just a little extra traction.  Maybe you’re racing through the bogs and the bayou and need to keep going so the ‘gators don’t get you.  Back County Bob is pleased to announce a deal with CG Specialty Tires that brings two new off-road tires into every garage and ammo shop.

Special Off-Road Tire modifications

Sand Paddles
+25 %
+ 5 lbs.
+1 off-road HC, +2 to HC on sand or dirt
Mud Boggers
+ 10 lbs.
+2 off-road HC, +3 HC in mud

Sand Paddles and Mud Boggers are separate tires from Off-Road tires; the costs are per tire, not in addition to Off-Road tire modifications.  They are subject to the same combination restrictions as Off-Road tires.
    Sand and mud normally restrict a vehicle’s acceleration, reducing it by 5 mph (minimum 2.5).  Sand Paddles and Mud Boggers ignore this and allow the vehicle full acceleration benefits in these terrains.

So you say five feet of water clearance isn’t enough for you?  Say no more - Bob now has waterproofing available for engines and power plants!


Cost: 25% of base engine or power plant cost. Does not add weight, spaces, or DP.

Waterproofing engines allows vehicles to cross water as high as their roof line (5 feet for vehicles without off-road suspension, 7 feet for vehicles with Off-Road or Rock-Crawling suspension, 8 feet for vehicles with Heavy Off-Road suspension).  Waterproofing remains intact until the power plant or engine takes damage.

Back Country Bob says: “I bought one of these little beauties up in Saskatchewan and had so much fun with it I bought the entire line.”  Share some of  Bob’s joy with the new line of All-Terrain Vehicles.

All Terrain Vehicle

Max Load
Armor Cost/Wt.
Light ATV
350 lbs.
1200 lbs.
Heavy ATV
400 lbs.
1400 lbs.

All-Terrain Vehicles are basically four-wheeled motorcycles.  They come with Off-Road suspension already installed.  No further suspension modifications are permitted.  They use cycle power plants and cycle tires.  Like cycles, they are armored only in the front and rear and can only mount weapons to the front and rear.  They are operated using the Cyclist skill.  ATVs have a HC of 3 on- or off-road.

Pickups are favorites among the off-road community.  As Bob knows which side his bread is buttered on, he now has a line of accessories specifically for these folks.

Roll Bar

$300, 50 lbs., 1 space (mounted in cargo space), 6 DP.

A Roll Bar is a miniature version of a Roll Cage.  Since it can be mounted in the cargo space of a pickup, it saves valuable interior space.  The Roll Bar protects interior components in a roll like a Roll Cage does, but takes damage in a roll after top armor is destroyed.  When the Roll Bar is destroyed, it no longer protects interior components.  A truck with a Roll Bar still takes full damage in rams and collisions.

Truck Lid

$700, 100 lbs., no space (reduces available cargo spaces to 9), 4 DP.

A Truck Lid is a locking cover for the pickup’s cargo bay.  It provides complete protection of anything stored in the truck’s bed.  It may be armored.  Truck Lid armor unmodified costs $10 and weighs 4 lbs. per point and can hold up to 40 lbs. of armor.  Truck Lid armor type must match the armor type on the rest of the truck. 

Pickup Flatbed

Saves $200 of basic body cost (this affects chassis and suspension costs), saves 500 lbs. of basic body weight.
Spaces: 13* (treat as a standard flatbed for cargo stacking purposes)
DP: none

A Pickup Flatbed replaces the normal cargo bay of a pickup with a flatbed.  It is protected only by underbody armor.  Pickups with Flatbeds may not mount any direct-fire weapons to the rear unless they are mounted in EWPs or turrets.  A Flatbed Pickup may mount a 2-space box for dropped weapons that can be armored (use Component Armor to protect this box).  Flatbed Pickups may use Truck Racks and Roll Bars.

Back Country Bob has released the designs of the custom vehicles he took with him on his hunting trip to Saskatchewan, as well as his favorite swamp-duelling buggy.  All vehicles feature exclusive Back Country Bob items and are manufactured by Big Sky Motors.

White Hunter-Camper: CA Frame; Heavy Chassis; Heavy Off-Road Suspension; Sport Power Plant with Waterproofing; Low-Gear Transmission; Heavy-Duty Transmission; Driver; 1 Passenger; 2-space Turret with Searchlight and MG with Antipersonnel ammo; High-Resolution Single Weapon Computer to turreted MG; 4 OR Solid Tires; 4 OR Shocks; 1.5-space UEM front containing OR Lights and Heavy-Duty Winch; 2-space UEM left containing Portable Solar Recharger and 1000-Power Unit Spare Battery; 2-space UEM right containing Hi-Lift Righting Jack, Shotgun, and Rifle; Spare OR Solid Tire in cargo space; Heavy Hitch; Long Distance Radio; Infrared Sighting System; Armor F 30, L 25, R 25, B 30, T 20, U 20; Cargo Capacity: 9 spaces, 485 lbs.; HC 5 Off-Road, 1 on road, Accel. 2.5/5 mph; Top Speed 110 (without towing) or 52.5 (towing the Base Camp and Hounds), $75,370, 6665 lbs.

The White Hunter is designed for a deep foray into the wilderness.  It is sold with a trailer (the Base Camp, below) which is normally left at a campsite.  The Hunter is designed specifically for hunting large game, using a highly accurate machine gun with antipersonnel loads.  For the hunters wishing to go out on foot, it comes with an exclusively-branded shotgun and rifle.  There’s enough room in the back of the Hunter for a pair of your favorite dogs or a large buck.

Base Camp-20’ Van Trailer: X-Hvy Chassis; includes 2 Hound ATVs (see description); Wheel Ramps; 4 OR Solid Tires; 4 OR Shocks; Portable Earth Station; Fire Extinguisher; Galley; Passenger Accommodations (3); Armored Beer Refrigerator; Gunner position; 3-Space Turret containing VMG with Antipersonnel ammunition and Searchlight; Infrared Sighting System; Long Distance Radio; Side Door; 2 3-space UEMs (left, right) each containing 1 Bulk Ammo Box with 2 loads of MG AP ammo, 1 Hang Glider, 1 1000-Power Unit Spare Battery, 1 Camouflage Net, and 10 pts. External Component Armor; 1 3-space UEM back containing 1 1000-Power Unit Spare Battery, 1 Camouflage Net, 1 Portable Solar Recharger, 1 Life Raft (inflatable boat takes no space as cargo) and 10 pts. External Component Armor; Antitheft System, 6 Tear Gas Dischargers (can be loaded with Bear repellent at no extra charge!); Electronic Locks for UEM armor; Armor: 25 points each in all 10 positions; $50,755 without Hounds, $63,811 with; 8,257 lbs. without Hounds, 10,657 lbs. with.  Without Hounds on board, cargo capacity is 20 spaces and 3023 lbs.

The Base Camp, sold with the White Hunter towing vehicle, allows all the comforts of home even in the deepest wilderness.  The infrared sighting system gives plenty of warning for approaching predators (either on four legs or two!), and the antitheft system will dissuade even the most determined bear or vagrant.  The Base Camp allows for plenty of adventuring with the inclusive hang gliders and inflatable raft.  Most importantly, it includes a pair of camp-ready Hound ATVs for open-air touring!

Hound ATV-Light ATV: Cyclist; Passenger; 4 OR PR Tires; Medium Cycle Plant; MG Front w/Antipersonnel ammo; 2 Backpacks (camping gear); Armor: F 8, B 8; $6,528; 1,200 lbs.  Accel: 10, Top Speed 120

Entire Combination: $139,181, 17,322 lbs.
Gecko-Mid-Size: CA Frame; Heavy Chassis; Rock-Crawling Suspension; Driver; Passenger; Convertible Hardtop; Pintle Mount with Flechette Gun; Low Gear Transmission; Roll Cage; Medium Power Plant with PlatCats and SuperCons and Waterproofing; 4 OR Solid Tires; Active Suspension; 4 OR Shocks; Heavy-Duty Winch F; Brushcutter; 2 Safety Seats; Antilock Braking System; Computer Navigator; Heavy Duty Brakes; Long Distance Radio; Sound System; Tow Bar; 3-space UEM back containing Spare Tire, 1 1000-Power Unit Spare Battery, 1 Hi-Lift Righting Jack; 2-space UEM left containing 2 backpacks (camping gear) and Tool Kit; 2-space UEM right containing 2 backpacks (camping gear) and Portable Medikit; OR Lights F; OR Lights T; Armor: F 20, R 20, L 20, B 20, U 13, T 13; HC varies depending on speed from 6 to 4 off-road, and 0 or less on-road; Accel. 5 mph (2.5 with Low Gear engaged); Top Speed 90 (45 with Low Gear engaged); $43,806, 4,800 lbs.

Slick rock is a blast!  That’s what Bob found out when he took a trip to Deseret in this little jalopy.  The Gecko allows you to experience true off-roading at any time and in any weather.  With camping gear included, this rock crawler is ready to explore the canyons and arches of the desert.  *Warning: Back Country Bob does not recommend this vehicle for highway use and sells it with a tow bar inclusive.

Solomon-Luxury: CA Frame; Heavy Chassis; Heavy Off-Road Suspension; 4 OR Solid Mud Boggers; Driver; Gunner; 400 cid engine with Blueprinting and Tubular Headers and Waterproofing; Variable-Pitch Turbocharger; Supercharger; 15-gallon Duelling tank; 2-space Turret with RR; 2 linked RRs F with blow-through concealment; Smartlink between all RRs; 2 HR SWCs; FP Armor: F 35, R 25, L 25, B 35, T 20, U 12; HC 6 (7 in mud) off-road, 1 on-road; Accel. 25 mph; Top Speed 157.5; $76,990, 6,042 lbs.

The Solomon is a pure dueling machine from the deep bayou in the Free Oil State of Louisiana.  They build them tough, fast, and gas-powered down there, and the Solomon is a dangerous competitor.  At home in the deepest bogs, the Solomon accelerates like a dragster and handles like a Formula 1.  Not for the Faint of Heart!

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